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This website is not updated any more – please visit our new website Running to the Pole

Our Dream – Our Goal : Crossing Antarctica by ski, through the South Pole, over app. 2,065 kms (more than 1,200 miles).

Antarctica, the coldest continent and largest desert on Earth, covered with an icesheet averaging at least 1.6 km thick.

We planned to start our expedition on November 2014.

We estimate that it will take app. 70 days to reach the opposite coast of the continent through the South Pole  where is located the Amundsen-Scott scientific polar station.

The challenge is huge. We will face cold, extreme cold – with temperatures possibly going down to -50°C at this time of year – catabatic wind, sastrugis, crevasses, to complete our challenge over a high altitude plateau (up to app. 2,500 meters), pulling our pulks full of equipments, food, tent, communication tools and other security materials.

« There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure »

Paulo Coelho

To date, app. fifty men and women have crossed Antarctica through the South Pole by ski or kite-ski. Many have started such an expedition but have been forced to give up. If we succeed, we would be the first French people to cross Antarctica by ski over one season.

You can find on this blog some stories of the most famous expeditions across Antarctica, which are true inspirations for us as we are training and getting prepared.

Beyond the physical and mental challenge, we would like to share our experience.

With the help of Kyriakos Kaziras, professional photographer, we will prepare a photo and video reportage. We would like to share the expedition  and show, through a visual and sound immersion into the expedition, the importance of protecting Antarctica.

We will be in contact, before, during and after the expedition with high school students. Our goal is to make them sensitive, through an experimental approach, to the specificities of polar regions and to the values we would like to emphasize with this project: surpassing oneself, showing solidarity and sharing experiences.

We also see this expedition as an opportunity to raise fund for the Charity Association Petits Princes, which goal is to make dreams of diseased children come true.

We would finally like to share this adventure with you and to provide you with information on the expedition on a regular basis. Follow the expedition on the blog ACROSS ANTARCTICA 2014.

« Only those you will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go »

Thomas Stearns Eliot

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